Dynamic Content

Your customers have different needs. Show content that resonates with each individual customer so that they engage and convert.

Condition-Based Content

We work with you to create audience personas, then determine the triggers that will serve tailored messages and content to meet their needs.

  1. Select a condition
  2. Create the content to display if condition is met
  3. Set the default content to display if the condition is not met
  4. Add code to the webpage to enable the dynamic content
Dynamic content GIF

Dynamic Content Triggers

There are a lot of conditions that can be leveraged to serve dynamic content to your users. Imagine...

...tailoring a landing page to match the visitor's Google search term.

...creating a website skin that only displays on disease awareness days.

...showing different content to specialists vs GPs.

Anything is possible.

A/B Testing

Optimise content by split testing multiple content variations


Serve content based on a cookie name or value


Load different content on desktops, tablets, or mobiles

Dynamic Link

Show specific content to visitors arriving from a custom link


Set content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent

IP Address

Change content based on the user's IP address

Browser Language

Attract attention with messages in the visitor’s language


Show or hide content if the visitor is, or was, logged in to your site

Pages Visited

Customise the content to people who have been visited certain pages on your website

Referral Source

Customise the content to visitors referred from a chosen domain or webpage

Returning Visitors

Show different calls to action according to the number of visits a user visited in the site


Schedule content according to the time or day of the week

Start & End Date

Schedule content between a range of dates

Search Term

Customise text on a landing page according to what a visitor typed into a search engine

Time Zone

Show different content to visitors based on their time zones

User Role

Show content based on the user's membership role

UTM Parameters

Set content changes based on a URLs Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters

Finally, a simple personalisation solution for life sciences

Dynamic content and omnichannel user experiences are within reach.

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