Web hosting

Green Web Hosting

In today's world, there is no excuse not to choose a green hosting provider.


London Array

100% Renewable Energy

Our hosting provider is powered entirely by renewable energy. The UK datacentre uses 100% green power as specified by E.ON and regulated by Ofgem. The USA facility uses 100% renewable energy as certified by Green-e.


Server room

Energy Efficient Data Center

The data centre is built to be efficient, with a PuE rating of between 1.2 and 1.3 and environmental management policy externally assessed to ISO 14001 standards.


Hosting facility

Green Policies

Policies are in place with the aim to reduce waste, encourage recycling and avoid all unnecessary travel. Remote working is a part of who we are and is always encouraged for a healthy work-life balance.


Tree Planting & Carbon Offsetting

Regular investments are made to fund responsible reforestation efforts and climate crisis solutions that have been certified to remove carbon emissions.

E.ON's "London Array"

The 630MW "London Array" is the world's largest off-shore wind farm, which reduces CO2 emissions by 900,000 tons annually.

Greensburg Wind Farm

NativeEnergy's "Greensburg Wind Farm" has revitalised a community devastated by a 2007 EF-5 Tornado.

Finally, a simple personalisation solution for life sciences

Dynamic content and omnichannel user experiences are within reach.

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