Trusted Server & Website Security

Machine learning protection against all kinds of cyber threats with multi-layered security including anti-malware, web application firewall, DoS detection, real-time IP reputation, and log analysis.

Better Server Security

Our green hosting provider uses technologies that help keep servers exceptionally stable and websites safe. Many other providers don't offer this technology which can often result in their servers experiencing overloads, downtime, or critical security issues.

Account Isolation

Accounts are isolated with a caged file system that prevents privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

Resource Allocation

Each website is allocated it's own resources, meaning other users can't cause downtime or slow the performance of your website.

Machine Learning Firewall

Multiple firewall layers use machine learning and collective intelligence to keep bots and hackers at bay.

Vulnerability & Malware Defence

Vulnerabilities are automatically patched across a wide range of web applications and malware, keeping your site and visitors safe.

Built-In Security for Your Website

HealthPress prevents common hacker bot attacks on your site. We add filters and security layers to prevent Script and SQL Injection, Brute Force attacks, XML-RPC attacks, and more.

Protect Your Admin Area

Protect your admin area from unauthorised access and block many common security threats.

Change and Hide Common Paths

Change and hide common URL paths and plugins for protection against hacker bot attacks.

Brute-Force Attack Protection

Prevent repetitive, successive brute-force attempts to break into your site using password combinations.

SQL Injection Protection

Prevent SQL injection attacks where hackers enter malicious commands to gain unauthorised access to sensitive and valuable data.

XML-RPC Protection

Disable the XML-RPC feature and block access to attackers trying to log in to your site using xmlrpc.php.

Cross-Site Scripting Protection

We adds security headers to your website for an extra layer of protection against different kinds of attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS).

URL & Text Mapping

Change URLs (uncommon paths) or text that reveal information you want hidden.

Security Check

Run over 35 tasks to detect all potential security issues. Get a complete list of all vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Activity Log

Records every important action triggered on your site so you know what happened at any time.

Finally, a simple personalisation solution for life sciences

Dynamic content and omnichannel user experiences are within reach.

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