User Insights & Analytics

Get insights about how visitors find and use your site, and how to improve it, directly in your HealthPress dashboard. HealthPress integrates with all the usual Google tools and services, or use your own analytics.

Google Search Console

Measures your website's Google Search traffic and performance. Data includes clicks, impressions, CTR, and position for your site, as well as query strings that users were searching for.

Google Analytics

Discover how users find, use, and engage with your site. Shows how users navigate your site by showing what pages are popular and how many people see each page.

PageSpeed Insights

Analyses your website and suggests ways to make it faster. Understand the real-world performance of your site and get recommendations for optimising your site speed.

Google Tag Manager

Manage marketing tags such as Facebook Pixel, HotJar, and LinkedIn Insight without editing your website code. Manage your tags in Tag Manager.


Google Optimze A/B tests variations of your site for free. Easily run split tests on your website so it works better for your customers and your brand.

Idea Hub

Analyses the content of your site and suggests relevant topics to write about. These suggestions are based on actual questions people asked on Search.


Set up, Snapshots & Stats

Simple, 'done-for-you' setup process to enable rich insights.

Get notified in your HealthPress dashboard when you hit a KPI milestone.

Access a single dashboard to see how your entire site or specific page is doing.

Finally, a simple personalisation solution for life sciences

Dynamic content and omnichannel user experiences are within reach.

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